Satu Lidman

Gender, Violence and Attitudes

Published by Routledge in 2018 “Gender, Violence and Attitudes. Lessons from Early Modern Europe” explores the history of gender-based violence in early modern Europe, particularly intimate-partner violence and sexual violence. It also investigates the legacy of gender-based violence through the Enlightenment to the present day and offers a historical background to highly topical human rights issues.

Offering a detailed analysis of gender and the culture of violence, this book is essential reading for students and general readers who wish to understand the history of violence and its continual association with gender from early modern Europe to the present day.

Although the individual subjects of gender and the history of violence are not new topics, the gendering of violence has received little examination.

Within this book, the history of attitudes and practices related to gender and power are analysed, and the nature of violence, justice and societal considerations of gender are explored as cultural constructs: they have the capacity to change over time, although there also is a tendency for continuity. The study is based on a wide range of sources including marriage guides, poems, plays, legal texts and court records exploring deep-rooted violence phenomena in Sweden (including historical Finland), the German territories, England and, to some extent, France.

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