Photo: Liisa Ketonen, make up & styling: Maikki Karhia

Satu Lidman, born 1973 in Helsinki.



Independent academic researcher and author, a member of the research group Social Inequalities and Discourses of Violence.



2017– Board member Lyömätön Linja Espoossa.

2016– Board member (Historioitsijat ilman rajoja – Historians without borders).

2016 Researcher at Amnesty International in Finland.

2010–2015 Post-doctoral researcher/specialist/university research fellow & several positions of trust (Faculty of Law, Legal History, University of Turku).

2013− Adjunct professor History of Criminal Law (University of Turku, Faculty of law).

2011–2014 (chair 2013–2014) board member (Matthias Calonius -seura ry).

2010− Founding member of the series and member of the editorial board (Crossing Boundaries - Turku Medieval and Early Modern Studies).

2009− Adjunct professor History of Law and Crime (Department of Law, University of Eastern Finland).

2009− Amnesty International in Finland Joku raja! -network (Stop violence against women).

2008–2009 German language teacher (The Open College of Jukola).

2007−2010 Examiner of Finnish Prehistory and Middle Ages (The Open University of Eastern Finland).

2007−2009 Member of the editorial board (The Finnish network for history Agricola).

2004−2007 Member of the editorial board (Lähde − historiatieteellinen aikakauskirja, PR and information).

2003−2005 & 2007 Full time doctoral student (The Finnish Graduate School of History).

2003−2009 Board member (Society for Medieval Studies Glossa, PR and information).

2001− Researcher (Department of History, University of Eastern Finland).

2001−2009 Annual lecturer (University of Eastern Finland, Department of History & Department of Law, teaching Palaeography, History of Crime, Medieval History and Europe after Reformation).

2000–2001 History teacher (The Junior High School of Sipoo).



2005−2008 Doctor of Philosophy (University of Joensuu, Faculty for Social Sciences and Regional Studies). Doctoral dissertation: “Zum Spektakel und Abscheu. Schand- und Ehrenstrafen als Mittel öffentlicher Disziplinierung in München um 1600“. For more information click ”Thesis”.

2001−2005 Licentiate of Philosophy (University of Joensuu, Faculty for Humanities).

1994−2000 M.A. (University of Joensuu, Faculty for Humanities).

Major: History. Minors: Social Sciences, Theology, German and Russian & the subject teacher's training.

1993 graduation (Rudolf Steiner School, Helsinki).



Turku Network for Research on Multiculturalism and Societal Interaction.

Historioitsijat ilman rajoja – Historians without borders.

TUCEMEMS – Turku Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies.

Suomen Tietokirjailijat ry – The Finnish Association of Non-fiction Writers.

Historian Ystäväin Liitto – The Finnish History Association.

Keskiajan tutkimuksen seura Glossa ry – The Society for Medieval Studies in Finland.

SETA ry – LGBT Rights in Finland.

Sukupuolentutkimuksen seura SUNS ry – Sällskapet för genusforskning.

Amnesty International in Finland.

Naisten linja Suomessa ry.

Lyömätön Linja Espoossa ry.

Greenpeace Suomi.

Plan Finland.

Oikeuspoliittinen yhdistys Demla ry.